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Page 20 CHAPTER 5:TROUBLESHOOTING 5. Motor operates but no change in motor count. To make suggestions or comments, please contact Bob Baumgartner. 5 No Resistance Or Incorrect Resistance B) If the ECB motor can move, the resistance can be adjusted. Follow steps 1-4 in Procedure 1.

0vdc Normal: After pressing start and resistance + motor constantly rotates. With resistance not working, the problem will be in one of these two components. Remove the four screws that hold resistance motor elliptical service manual 5 volts dc the console on the mast. This thread, Measuring the Internal Resistance of a Brushed DC Motor for Use in Speed Control (IR Compensation), discusses ways to measure these resistances. Check the power source to verify proper voltage and the plug is secure; Resolution: Weak Batteries.

The yellow to blue wire on the resistance motor should have 5-6VDC when you are adjusting the tension. A screwdriver will be needed to perform this repair. Thank you for using Manage My Life! com Tel:ext. If pressing resistance - motor zeros itself. I use a 12 volt battery, like a lantern style battery. Contact your local sales office if resistance is less than 5 meg ohms. 3 - Calibrating The Lift Motor 5.

If no output, replace the MCB. 25 HP Watts 110 Volt Manufacturer Part Number 295730 Also you will need to use the flywheel from old motor and install it on the new motor. 1 ohms @ 20oC 12. 120v ac line to the AC terminals on the rectifier. Pedal the machine and set your resistance motor elliptical service manual 5 volts dc multi-meter to DC voltage and place both terminals on pins 1 & 4 of the console cable. - If voltage is more than 5. If you want to just test the motor and the arm & field volts are both around 120vdc get a full wave bridge rectifier (5 bucks at most).

If you suspect the voltage is low, contact your local power company or a licensed electrician for proper testing. 4 out of 5 stars 1,092. Service Manual DE0040, DE0051 DE0240T, DE0251T. - Remove the console cable from MCB, and use a multi-meter to measure the DC voltage between the “GND pin” (Pin 4&5) and the ” + 15V Pin” (Pin7 & 8)---see section 5. Procedure 2 - Checking voltage at the Power Supply Board 1. If you have an older model Octane Fitness elliptical the elliptical does not power completely off. Page 24: Chapter 5: Parts Replacement Guide CHAPTER 5: Parts Replacement Guide 5. 115 Fax:P and 807P Elliptical Trainer Repair Manual.

If you have a new () Q35, Q37 or Q47 you may power off your elliptical using the power button on the console. With the engine still running, disconnect the DMM. If this does not resolve the problem you will need to check to make sure you are getting voltage at the resistance motor from the console. Refer to the appropriate diagrams for your model to ensure the correct replacement procedure. 5VDC, or the new console does not resolve the issue, replace the console cable. Let me know what it&39;s looking like and we can proceed further if needed. 5VDC, replace the console.

With a multi-meter set for DC voltage, place one terminal on each of the HR grip plates. • Press + key to force. 5-3V 24000RPM DC Motor with 84 Pcs Plastic Gears,Electronic wire, 2 x AA Battery Holder,Boat Rocker Switch,Shaft Propeller for DIY Science Projects 4. If the resistance motor stops working, pedal resistance is the same regardless of the settings you select. If there is no voltage the console is defective and will need replaced. 23 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer Procedure 5.

6 ohms @ 20oC Phases 2 to 4 6. Page 19: Procedure 5. In making repair manuals, our goal is to present an accurate, easy-to-use guide for technicians in the field.

This DIY repair guide explains how to replace the resistance motor on an elliptical. 0AE Wire Function Voltage | Ohm Voltage Voltage Physical Symptoms-If Wire Cut Readings w/ Increase w/ Decrease Color 1 Red Power to +5vdc Normal: After pressing start and resistance+ DC Motor. 5 - Troubleshooting the Magnetic Resistance System Note: If the control circuit does not see an resistance motor elliptical service manual 5 volts dc output from the speed sensor, the mechanism that changes the resistance level is disabled. Depending on storage conditions it may be necessary to regrease or change rusted bearings. from the motor to the MCB, and use a multi-meter to measure the resistance of the drive motor wire. 1 Console Replacement 1.

Set the DMM to measure DC amps and connect the DMM to the battery as shown in step. Measure between pin 1(red) and pin 5(blue) at 7- pin connector. 9 VDC out of panel.

. If the motor has been in storage for an extensive period or has been subjected to adverse moisture conditions, check the motor insulation resistance with a meg ohm meter. Motor Resistance: Per Winding Phase to Phase Phase 1 1. Verify that the console’s wiring connection points are securely connected and not loose. Find a good ground for the 12-volt test light and probe the wire on both sides of the fuse. If there was power at both sides of the fuse, check for 12-volts at the appliance switch, or outlet. Treadmill Drive Motor Part Number 215392 Does not include bracket you must be able to remove your old bracket and install on this replacement motor. 5AE Parts Replacement Guide 5.

DC OUT - BLACK DC INPUT CN1 B2P-VH FAN MOTOR 24V DC RED BLACK. Measure the voltage across the pin with the red wire (+) and either one of the center pins (-). AC volts are converted to DC volts and are supplied to the conveyor motor at terminals A+ and A-. Should you need to repair your fitness equipment, Treadmill Doctor offers parts for many name-brand treadmills and elliptical trainers. Stride Motor Voltage Test at Drive Board. 2 ohms @ 20oC Phases 5 and 6 16 ohms @ 20oC 32 ohms @ 20oC Pump Motor 230V AC 50Hz Thermal cut-out fitted Pump motor resistance: Compreci 26 ohms @ 20oC Selini 33 ohms @ 20oC Water Valves Phases 1 to 4 Phases 5 and 6 Operating. If you are not a Precor Trained Servicer, you must not attempt to service any Precor Product; Call your dealer for service.

Speed sensor wire is defective. volts and are supplied to the Conveyor Motor at board terminals A1 and A2 through a. No- replace console. The motor rotation is changed by reversing leads to the armature. 5 Green Power to Resistance up. 23 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer Warning: This service manual is for use by Precor trained service providers only. Set the on/off switch in the “off” position. There should be a reading of more than 5.

Remove the 4 screws of the console mast. AC volts are converted to D. - If output is around DC 15V, check the console cable. NEVER expose this elliptical to rain or moisture. If it is defective, replace the console cable. You must disconnect the resistance motor at the wiring connection, you put two jumper cables on the 12 volt battery one on the positive and one on the negative. This DIY repair guide explains how to replace the resistance motor on an elliptical. Page 41: Resistance Motor.

Elliptical Service Manual Horizon Fitness Models EX-22, EX-33, EX-44, CSE 3. DC + to A1,B1 on the motor, DC- to A2, B2 on the motor. It shall be within 1. EUDAX 6 set Rectangular Mini Electric 1. Note, this high-quality resistance motor is sold as an individual item. 80 HP VDC 2. If necessary, unplug elliptical from wall outlet.

E821/E825/E830 Display Board. • Enter DA (resistance) test mode. Is voltage displayed on meter approximately the same as voltage displayed in heart rate window? 17 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer Procedure 5. 3 - Calibrating the Lift Motor In order to calibrate the lift motor, it is necessary to disconnect the lift motor from the ramp assembly. elliptical resistance tension 6v motor part number 193223 will work on the following models: dre13041 - proform pf 1280s interactive trainr dre13042 - proform pf 1280s interactive trainr dre13043 - proform pf 1280s interactive trainr epccel09960 - epic e 950 elliptical epccel59870 - epic 790 hr epel09950 - epic e 950 elliptical epex39050 - epic 300 u bike ggelgold. Should run at full rpm. Run the engine at its maximum throttle while observing the charging DC amperage output on.

Resistance/ Stride Keypad 5-1-1. Replace the drive motor. Set meter for DC Volts. 2 =30ohm We also need to check the powe. Adjustment of the speed control potentiometer will change resistance at terminals P1 and P2 varying the DC voltage to the motor. Do you know how to check your old motor to see if it is good. The resistance motor controls pedal resistance by changing the distance between the C-magnet and the flywheel.

4 Orange Zero Switch Sensor 5V 0. Console cable or ECB motor is defective. When I checked the voltage supplied by the console, the voltage across the yellow and blue wires was about 5 vdc for resistance levels 1 thru 10, zero voltage on level 11, and about 4 vdc on level 12 but with the polarity reversed from that of the other levels. Let&39;s say, if your 9v dc motor has an currentrating of 200mA. The part is an important component that applies tension on the walking belt. • Press + to check voltage at all levels. Such conditions are not covered under your warranty.

Elliptical Resistance Tension 6V Motor Part 193356 Will work on the following models: DREL45010 - PROFORM PF 900,W/3 ACCESSORIES ELLIPTICAL DREL45011 - PROFORM PF 900,W/3 ACCESSORIES ELLIPTICAL DRE39040 - PROFORM PF CARDIO CROSSTRAINER 800 DRE39042 -. If the motor is a brushed motor, a difference in resistance will be seen for the motor based on the position resistance motor elliptical service manual 5 volts dc of the shaft. Therefore, the speed sensor must be operative and the unit must be in use, before the resistance level. The HR grip should give a voltage reading of between 0. Value is displayed and does not change when pressing resistance +/-.

Eng1: No motor movement. Since you have ruled out the motor (testing it both ways with 9v dc), it is likely the console, but since that is a fairly expensive part, you will want to make sure. E821/E825/E830 Elliptical Trainer Repair Manual.

If the resistance is higher than 10 Ω, the drive motor is defective. . product description. Remove the s front cover per Procedure 7. DC generator, battery or twelve pulse/cycle, 6 phase, full control A Six pulse cycle, 3 phase, full control 230 or 460 volt, 60 Hz input to rectifier C Three pulse/cycle, 3 phase, semi-bridge, half control 230 or 460 volt, 60 Hz input to rectifier D. If the resistance is still much too heavy, check the gap between orange block and the bottom. - If voltage is less than 5.

Check the connection of the speed sensor (encoder disk group) at the MCB (Figure A). However, you can put your elliptical into a sleep mode, which is a virtual “off” that requires very little power. The speed of the conveyor motor will increase or decrease as the DC voltage from the board increases or decreases. Product Description. The voltmeter should measure 4-5 volts DC. Elliptical Resistance Tension 6V Motor Part 193356.

If there is voltage, and the switch is operating properly check the appliance wiring for an inline fuse.

Resistance motor elliptical service manual 5 volts dc

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